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Undercover Detective, 1978-1982
  • Assigned to Division of State Police Narcotic Bureau
  • Sole responsibility to work in an undercover capacity throughout the state
  • Infiltrated narcotic operations and networks primarily in the Atlantic City area
Detective, 1977-1978
  • Promoted to Detective to investigate all crimes including homicides, armed robberies, rapes, burglaries, thefts and narcotics distribution networks in the Cumberland County, New Jersey area
Station Commander, Bivalve and Port Norris stations, New Jersey, 1999-2000
  • Supervised, trained, scheduled and evaluated 37 troopers in all aspects of their duties at both the Bivalve and Port Norris stations
  • Designed and executed workshops on drug investigations and managing investigative units
  • Performed administrative duties associated with the station and its employees
  • Composed reports for special investigative projects
  • Developed objectives, established procedures, set policies and maintained sandards for the unit
  • Cooperated with other law enforcement agencies over multiple jurisdictions throughout the country
  • Maintained community relations; gave seminars on drug prevention and law enforcement procedures
Squad Supervisor on the New Jersy Turnpike, Field Operations Section, 1994-1995
  • Supervised 10 troopers assigned to general road duty
Squad Supervisor on the Garden State Parkway, Field Operations Section, 1989-1994
  • Supervised 10 troopers assigned to general road duty
Supervisor of the New Jersey State Polie Drug Interdiction Training Unit, 1985-1988
  • Supervised and trained 12 troopers assigned to this unit to interdict narcotics throughout the state
Sergeant, Supervisor and Administrator, 1983-1984
  • Supervised 7 troopers in the Field Operation Section
Special Assignment, September 1987-December 1988
  • Chosen by the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police to develop an operational plan for a new unit within the division. The mission of the unit was to train and develop division members to interdict dangerous narcotics and drugs throughout the state of New Jersey.
Trooper of the Year
  • Received prestigious Trooper of the Year for 1977 for criminal arrests made and for an unprecedented second time for 1984 for diligent and productive police work
Certificates and Commendations
  • Received Certificate of Commendation in 1978 for the arrest of an individual for possession of 165 pounds of hashish with the intent to dsitribute. Rocovered property valued at $580,000
  • Received Certificate of Commendation in 1984 for the arrest of a Miami Beach police officer for possession of 3 kilograms of cocaine
  • Between 1971 and 1991, received over 50 letters of commendation from the State Attorney General for criminal arrests made along with drug and currency seizures. Also, received over 10 letters of commendation from the Superintendant of New Jersey State Police for successful criminal investigations
Meritorious Service Award
  • Received Meritorious Service Award in 1986 from Jack Lawn, Director of the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Washington, DC, for support and cooperation with Operation Pipeline
New Jersey Bar Foundation Medal of Honor
  • Co-receipt of the New Jersey Bar Foundation Medal of Honor Award in 1986 for contributions made within the law enforcement and judicial systems

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