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  • Expert Witness
    • Testified in the Superior Courts for the Prosecution in over 250 drug cases involving interdiction of drugs in motor vehicles and sales to undercover operatives. Provided testimony in drug cases involving a broad spectrum of narcotics as well as cocaine ranging from small amounts up to 60 kilograms and marijuana up to 500 pounds. In addition, provided expert witness testimony in drug cases where possession or the intent to distribute were in question.
  • Former New Jersey Division of the State Police
    • Undercover Detective - Details
    • Detective - Details
    • Station Commander - Details
    • Squad Supervisor - Details
    • Supervisor of the New Jersey State Police Drug Interdiction Training Unit - Details
    • Special Operations - Details


  • Trooper of the Year - Details
  • Certificates of Commendation - Details
  • Meritorious Service Award - Details
  • New Jersey Bar Foundation Medal of Honor Award - Details


  • Member of FBI National Academy Association
  • Member of New Jersey State Police Former Troopers Association
  • Member of Non-Commissioned Officers Association of the New Jersey State Police

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